Server configuration

The server requires a configuration file in Java properties format. By default, it looks for a file called hserver.conf in its working directory, but this can be changed using setting hserver.conf on the commandline (see below).

The server recognizes the following settings:

Setting Type Kind Description
hserver.conf String Opt Configuration file to use (default: hserver.conf).
hserver.static.conf String Opt Static configuration file for Akka (default: hserver-static.conf).
hserver.appstore.path String Req Path (absolute) where all apps are located.
hserver.resources.root String Req Path to the server’s web resources (in the classpath).
hserver.hbase.conf String Opt Resource file to use as HBase configuration (default:
hserver.listen.interface String Opt Interface the server listens on (default: localhost).
hserver.listen.port Int Opt Port the server listens on (default: 30100).
hserver.license String Req Path to the license file.
hserver.devMode Boolean Opt Development mode, either true or false (default: false).
hserver.devMode.preStartChecks Boolean Opt Whether to perform app pre-start checks (tables, etc), either true or false (default: true). Development mode only.

where Req = required, Opt = optional.

These settings may also appear on the server’s commandline using the -D switch with the syntax -D<setting>=<value>.

Settings on the commandline always take precedence over settings in the configuration file, even if the configuration file itself is specified by a commandline setting.

Example: To run the server in development mode on port 18975 with web resources at server-root (in the classpath) and an app store located at /home/hfactory/apps/ (in the filesystem), the commandline would be:

hserver -Dhserver.devMode=true -Dhserver.listen.port=18975

Alternatively, these settings could be specified in configuration file `hserver-dev.conf` (for example) with the following contents:


Assuming this configuration file to be located in /home/hfactory/confs/, the commandline of the server would then simply be:

hserver -Dhserver.conf=/home/hfactory/confs/hserver-dev.conf