With a Docker image

The hfactory-server-in-docker-machine github project packages all the utilities necessary for a simple installation of HFactory Server via Docker. The image contains both an HBase standalone Docker and a HFactory Server inside a hfactoryserver Docker machine.

Restarting the containers allows you to start again with an empty HBase server.


To use the container, you need to have VirtualBox and Docker-machine installed.


In order to install VirtualBox, go to : https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

Docker Machine

In order to install docker-machine, go to : http://docs.docker.com/machine/#installation

  • Download the last version
  • Put the command in the path

Using the HFactory server in docker machine

For ease of use you can put the bin folder in your path.

First initialization

Launch hfactory-env.sh init and edit the /etc/hosts file as required

Using the containers

To start the containers simply use hfactory-env.sh start

The hbase container is launched in host-only mode and you can connect to it directly using hfactoryserver for the hbase.zookeeper.quorum property

The hfactoryserver container is launched to listen on port 80 and you can connect to it directly using http://hfactoryserver

To stop the docker containers use hfactory-env.sh stop

To read the logs hfactory-env.sh serverlog or hfactory-env.sh hbaselog

To kill the containers if stopping it does not work hfactory-env.sh kill

To restart the container hfactory-env.sh restart does stop/start

For getting the status hfactory-env.sh status gives you the docker processes running on the hfactoryserver instance

To launch the hfactoryserver docker machine hfactory-env.sh up

To connect to it hfactory-env.sh ssh

To stop it hbase-env.sh shutdown

Applications installation

hfactory-env.sh putApp applicationFolder to add an application in the server

hfactory-env.sh removeApp applicationName to remove an application from the server

Advanced usage

To make the hbase container data persistent use export PERSISTS="true"