With the Sandbox

The HFactory Tools Azure Sandbox allows you to rapidly deploy a standalone HFactory Server with a standalone HBase for immediate testing of your applications.

Creation of the sandbox

Create a new VM and select the HFactory Tools Sandbox from the Azure marketplace or use this direct link.

SSH connection

Use the ssh key or password you provided to connect to the VM:

ssh -i your_key your_user@your_ip

You can now administer the VM. To ease the apps creation give the read and write permissions to /var/hfactory/apps.

Application upload

To upload an application simply copy it to the apps directory of your VM, then you can use the administration dashboard to create the HBase tables and start the application.

scp -i your_key -r your_app_dir your_user@your_ip:/var/hfactory/apps

or if you have not the rights on the folder:

scp -i your_key -r your_app_dir your_user@your_ip:.
ssh -i your_key your_user@your_ip

sudo mv your_app_dir /var/hfactory/apps

More information on application building can be found in the Application Developper Guide