With the server

HFactory Server is the REST/HTTP server of the HFactory framework. It serves requests using HFactory apps loaded from its app store.

Supported platforms

HFactory Server supports and has been certified by the three major Hadoop distributions: Cloudera CDH 5, Hortonworks HDP 2 and MapR 5.

Installation instructions

To install and setup HFactory Server, proceed as follows:

  • Download the HFactory Server archive.
  • Install the server by unzipping the HFactory Server archive in the /usr/local directory or one of your choosing and modify the server’s configuration file accordingly (in particular, the app store path and the license path).
  • Choose the HBase configuration file to use by setting hserver.hbase.conf, and make it to point to your HBase instance. Base platform-specific configurations are provided in the HFactory Server archive:
    • hbase-site.properties for Cloudera or Apache;
    • hbase-site.properties.hortonworks for Hortonworks;
    • hbase-site.properties.mapr for MapR.
    • hbase-site.properties.bigtable for Google Bigtable.
  • Use the free license embarked in the image or request an enterprise license from contact@ubeeko.com.
  • For an enterprise license, copy the license file to the location indicated by setting hserver.license.

Troubleshooting: If the server fails to start because Java is not found, set environment variable JAVA_HOME to the location of the Java runtime before starting the server.