Why use HFactory Tools?

Delivering simplicity

While Hadoop provides a powerful infrastructure for data storage and processing, it remains a challenge to build enterprise-grade data applications on top of the platform. We have ourselves been faced with that difficulty in several projects, and our HFactory development is born out of that practical experience.

HFactory Tools aims to radically simplify the delivery of standard web services on top of HBase, the Hadoop NoSQL database. Written in Scala and built on a cutting-edge Scala / Akka software stack, HFactory Tools takes care of all the cumbersome, PaaS-level tasks that are oft an important cause of delays in software projects. You can focus on the most important, application- and business-level development tasks.

  • Simplifed codebasefor a clear separation of concerns
  • Easy integration with Spark data processing and analytics
  • Adpatable to your own UI templates and business logic

The ideal complement to HBase

With its concurrent, highly scalable architecture, HFactory Tools delivers a powerful, easy-to-use ORM and RESTful interface to HBase. Work with style and comfort with one of the most scalable databases around !

Perfect for enterprise projects

Designed from the ground up as a generic platform, HFactory Tools is 100% independent from the type of data and from the selected data model. The solution can just as well be used on top of client marketing information, time series, event logs or web analytics data.

As a result, HFactory Tools has already been deployed in several projects with blue-chip enterprise users. With its Docker packaging, the software lets you select the deployment model that best suits your organisation and data confidentiality requirements. You stay in control.