Features and compatibility

HFactory Tools includes:

  • Open-source (Apache 2.0) HTalk DSL for HBase
  • Free license to HFactory Server
  • Docker-based packaging
  • Automated generation of the REST API from the entities
  • Simple REST API for application management
  • Graphical dashboard for application management
  • JSON Server for agile front end development
  • Example applications / project templates
  • Automated delivery of a Swagger / Open API 2.0 interface description
  • Apache Spark app integration utilities

HFactory Tools works with

  • Any Hadoop-distribution: HFactory Tools has been validated with the three major Hadoop commercial distributions (Hortonworks, MapR, Cloudera) and tested on Apache Bigtop
  • Any Cloud: Packaged in a Docker container, HFactory Tools can be easily deployed in the Cloud of your choice (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, )
  • Any IDE: Leveraging IDE-agnostic tooling from SBT, HFactory Tools project libraries and services can be used in your preferred IDE, be it IntelliJ, Eclipse or… a simple text editor
  • Any JavaScript framework: While we are ourselves using AngularJS, there is no JS-dependency in the project, so feel free to use EmberJS or ReactJS if you feel like it!