Big Data virtualization

Complexities of Big Data

Big Data technologies are powerful, but remain of difficult access for enterprise customers. In the absence of virtualization solutions dedicated to Big Data technologies, most companies tend to resort to in-house developments and build their own software stack on top of low-level APIs. Usually, this is done through service contracting to specialized Big Data agencies and results in a lot of specific, ad hoc developments which are hard to maintain.

As happened with other technologies in the past, the community needs to build solid data virtualization solutions on top of Hadoop. HFactory Tools is our contribution to that effort.

HFactory Tools added value

Within the wider Hadoop ecosystem, HFactory Tools focuses on delivering a virtualized data services layer for the Hadoop database, HBase. A wide-column NoSQL database, Apache HBase complements the Hadoop file system by providing the low-latency layer required for serving recurring queries on a predefined set of data. This functionality is typically needed in many use cases such as the delivery of operational analytics, data-driven applications or web services APIs.

HFactory Tools sits on top of HBase and delivers developer tooling and a high-level, business-oriented REST interface. It first abstracts away the complexity of HBase through Scala case classes modelling high-level business objects, then it delivers access to data through standard web services (JSON objects).

HFactory Tools takes care of all the middleware plumbing: you can focus on business applications, not infrastructure and integration. The solution:

  • Can be easily deployed on premise or in the Cloud
  • Improves maintainability of the overall Big Data solution
  • Frees you up to concentrate on application-level developments