Enterprise data lake API

Taking Big Data out of the data lake

As more and more enterprise data lands into a Hadoop data lake, new requirements emerge, and it is essential to make this wealth of data horizontally accessible across organisations as well as partner third parties.

Exposing Big Data via standard RESTful interfaces is now becoming vital to allow Hadoop data to be consumed into various enterprise applications. Not just for data exploration, but also for low-latency access as part of operational use cases requiring data storage in Hadoop NoSQL database.

Making you data architecture API-based

HFactory Tools helps you fight data fragmentation and open up core enterprise data stored in your “data lake” to corporate business applications. The software makes it easy to build, document and share standard web services on top of a Hadoop data lake.

  • High-level, expressive interface to Hadoop & HBase
  • Rapid, semi-automated generation of web services
  • Streamlined process for data description and exchange

Built-in Swagger interface

HFactory Tools offers built-in integration with the vendor-neutral Swagger / OpenAPI 2.0 specification. You get an interactive API exploration interface out of the box, and can easily go one step further by connecting Big Data-based web services with your enterprise API management system.