HBase application development

Built by developers for developers

HFactory has been designed from the start to make it easy to develop Hadoop data applications while increasing developer productivity. Beyond SQL-on-Hadoop interfaces, application developers have so far been underserved, with a lack of high-level APIs and tooling. Focusing on operational applications and HBase, HFactory radically changes the picture. The platform offers to developers the power and simplicity to build better applications faster.

Taking care of the heavy lifting

Instead of having to manually manage byte arrays and the complexity of NoSQL serialisation, you get a developer-friendly API to store and retrieve entities from HBase and expose them in JSON. The fine-level details of HBase are abstracted away and you can thus focus on higher-level, more valuable developments.

  • IDE-agnostic SBT-based solution
  • Less application code to write and maintain
  • JSON Server utility for agile front-end development
  • Automated API documentation via Swagger