Build engaging
active learning experiences

The all-in-one platform for creating experiential learning activities
in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Participants management

All the tooling to efficiently register and manage participants for your activities. With the charm of an elegant, intuitive user interface.

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Data Science environment

Built-in, extensible data science studio with immediate access to GPU acceleration and shared resources on Cloud object storage.

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Learner engagement

Modern “Slack-like” chat, networking & video communication options making it easy to keep in touch and work together in group activities.

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Model and project evaluation

Holistic assessment of the quality of students’ work, from executed model performance all the way to code quality and Git project structure.

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visual image for Data Challenge & Hackathons

Data Challenge & Hackathons

Data competitions combine learning by doing in a realistic data science setting for participants and the opportunity for corporates to move forward their data innovation initiatives. HFactory shines in this increasingly popular configuration, with arguably the best plaform to connect together academia and corporates, allowing all parties to get maximum pedagogic and business value from such events.

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Data Science & AI Courses

HFactory is the first Learning Content Management System (LCMS) dedicated to Data Science & AI pedagogy. Never again will you have to cobble together a variety of tools next to campus-wide LMS totally disconnected from your real needs. HFactory takes care of all the dispiriting setup work, integrates a complete Data Science environment and lets you offer the best student experience around your content.