Launching in early 2022

Just like you, I have been in the classroom with new generations of students expecting different forms of teaching. I had to adapt, moving away from lectures and towards activity-based learning. First slowly and nearly reluctantly, and then more rapidly with the Covid pandemic and the shift to online and hybrid classes. But I think we now all agree that students learn by doing and teaching comes alive with activities.

Yet, I discovered that building experiences of active learning represents a significant effort. Oft, you end up cobbling a variety of tools, with little support and no way of integrating them in a delightful student experience. And traditional LMS certainly do not help šŸ˜‰ With a primary focus on Data Science and AI education, HFactory takes care of all this dispiriting setup work, and lets you create and organise your activities in a breeze. I dreamt the app for my close colleagues and I, and now Iā€™d like to invite you too in this exciting journey to advance activity-based learning.

Ghislain MazarsFounder, HFactory

Start creating engaging active learning experiences in Data Science & AI

Hackathons - Data challenges - Bootcamps - Classroom assignments - Group projects