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visual image for Unparalleled flexibility

Unparalleled flexibility

Data innovation challenges come in many variants and names, and HFactory has been designed to accommodate those. You can accept everybody, or go for a conditional registration through a questionnaire, have participants work by themselves, or in groups, all on the same topic or on two or more... and the list of available options just goes on ;)

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Work in a trusted compute environment

HFactory’s built-in compute environment lets you choose between different levels of security and traceability of users' actions, based on the confidentiality of your datasets and the profile of the participants. You can even go all the way and fully prohibit any download if the sensitivity of the dataset justifies it.

visual image for Easier integration of participants’ contributions

Easier integration of participants’ contributions

By adopting a broader focus than just the submitted model performance, HFactory accelerates your internalisation of the work of participants. You get a multi-dimensional assessment of the quality of the submissions as well as direct access to a Git project with the documentation and scripts for you to run the code and model again at your comfort.