A fully-featured
data science
environment based
on standard tools

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visual image for Work on standard JupyterLab notebooks

Work on standard JupyterLab notebooks

HFactory incorporates an extensible, web-based JupyterLab v3 notebook environment. You can start working without having anything to configure while getting instant access to classic packages and utilities such as jupyterlab-git or nbstripout as well as advanced tools like Voila or Streamlit for rapid application prototyping.

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Get seamless access to compute instances

HFactory instances are available with both CPU and GPU resources, with several increments available in their sizing so that you can find the best configuration for your activity. They are directly accessible from the main app, and are automatically provisioned with “mounted” shared folders based on the groups and topics from your activity.

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Connect to Git repositories

With HFactory, you can either choose to link your own Git managed repository, or to take advantage of a managed GitLab service included in the solution. With that option, users can connect seamlessly with a single sign-on from the main app. And because we love it when it’s simple, all the pre-defined groups are automatically translated into GitLab groups.