Designed with love
so that participants
feel part of
a learning community

visual image for Work in harmonious teams

Work in harmonious teams

HFactory helps participants find the best mates for their groups through algorithmic analysis of their profile information and answers during the registration phase. Recommendation of complementary skills and alternative backgrounds is privileged to nudge group formation towards diversity. And of course, as the organiser, you have the last say ;)

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Connect and interact with group chat and feeds

No need for switching back and forth with communication tools such as Slack, Teams or Discord. HFactory includes a full-fledged environment for activity feeds, group chat and one-to-one messaging. And not only does it look absolutely great, but it also perfectly integrates with the group setup within your activity :)

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Share interactive video calls

You get to choose, use your usual web conferencing solution, or take advantage of HFactory’s web conferencing service. With support for breakout rooms, sessions recording, background effects and screensharing, HFactory’s integrated service includes everything you need for successful hybrid or remote events.