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visual image for Share data modeling assignments

Share data modeling assignments

HFactory automatically provisions shared folders so that you can easily publish datasets or template notebooks to your students. Likewise, members of a group get a shared workspace folder to exchange intermediary results, transformed datasets and notebooks. And everybody can discuss the work at hand via the activity feeds and messaging.

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Build attractive learning content

Building your course has never been that simple! HFactory’s powerful visual editor lets you integrate text, videos, file downloads, questionnaires and assignments into your lessons. And you can easily communicate about upcoming assignments or events via the integrated activity feed to ensure such updates are seen by everyone.

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Track students’ progress

By integrating into one solution class communication, lesson content and the compute platform, HFactory provides you with an end-to-end view of students’ engagment, both during the class and outside it. You get objective data to support your own impressions and personalize your handling of individual students.