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visual image for Provide metered access to GPU resources

Provide metered access to GPU resources

HFactory lets you define both configuration and quota for your students‘ GPU instances, with up to four GPU Tesla V100 cores per instance. And to make sure you only pay for the resources really needed, our smart inactivity detection engine automatically (and gracefully !!) shuts down idle student instances.

visual image for Benefit from the most advanced tooling

Benefit from the most advanced tooling

HFactory naturally supports up-to-date versions of Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch. But we go one step further and even the most demanding users will find their dreams come true with support for Julia, Theia, JAX and Sacred, a ready-to-use connection to Neptune.ai as well as access to their instance Nvidia monitoring metrics.

visual image for Share large datasets easily

Share large datasets easily

HFactory leverages Cloud object storage to deliver an enterprise-grade environment for working with large datasets. You can finally forget ad hoc solutions and hard-to-follow instructions: even the largest datasets are accessible by students from their compute instances in a snap. Literally right as you put them in the shared storage.